• review rating 5  A wonderful hidden gem of Western New York offering a crazy selection of Asian food from a variety of countries. Specializing in Black Rice Sushi in a variety of classic and specialized rolls, Sun also boasts a wide selection of delicious entrees with enough vegan selections to please vegetarians. There is also an amazing selection of Saki. Try a flight to learn your favorites.

    thumb David Butler

    review rating 5  We enjoy Thai food but have never had Burmese before. Nor had we had black rice, which is delicious. The menu is huge and intriguing. We wanted everything. We began with appetizers, which for me were pieces of fish on top of black rice, and for my friend, perfectly fried coconut shrimp. We each selected a different Burmese noodle dish which we enjoyed. I am not a spicy eater so I appreciated the number of milder options. We had to refrain from alcohol because we were driving but were intrigued by the offerings of cocktails, beers, wine and saki. The prices are insanely reasonable, and the staff are sweet and accommodating. We will go back there any time we pass through the Buffalo area.

    thumb Mary Nelson
  • review rating 5  Extensive menu. Black rice sushi and Burmese noodle dish were great!

    thumb Roy Praver

    review rating 5  Love this place best food ever, very clean and lovely inside. Staff are wondering.

    thumb Simone Watson
  • review rating 5  Absolutely, positively delicious. Great place for gluten free people.

    thumb K Z

    review rating 5  The staff are excellent, one of the few places that just nails waiting tables. That's not to detract from the excellent food. I love their food despite it being so unique (fusion food usually just has more opportunity to miss, but they nail it!). Good gluten free options too

    thumb Josh Dix


August 19, 2019
Sun Cuisines: Offering Asian Fusion Catering With Exclusive Black Rice

Cuisine is culture. When you sample a dish from China, India, or Thailand, you are experiencing a taste of the vast history such a culture has developed throughout the centuries. Asian fusion allows you to combine bits and pieces from various Asian cultures; although something new is being created, it is built upon the foundations […]

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August 19, 2019
American Thai vs. Thailand Thai: What's the Difference?

Thai food has some of the most unique, colorful flavor combinations in the world. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind eating experience, Thai food will usually have you covered. But if you've had Thai food in Thailand and Thai food in America, you're bound to notice a few differences. New to the world of Thai […]

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August 19, 2019
What is Black Rice?

Welcome to Sun Cuisines, we offer authentically fresh, and original, Asian cuisine throughout Buffalo, New York. For over 20 years we have offered delicious entrees that keep our customers coming back for more good eats. We consider ourselves the home of Black Rice in Buffalo. But often, we are asked by our clients what exactly […]

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