Sun Cuisines: Offering Asian Fusion Catering With Exclusive Black Rice

Cuisine is culture. When you sample a dish from China, India, or Thailand, you are experiencing a taste of the vast history such a culture has developed throughout the centuries. Asian fusion allows you to combine bits and pieces from various Asian cultures; although something new is being created, it is built upon the foundations of the nations that inspired it. When it comes to Burmese and Thai cuisine, Sun Cuisines boasts the best Asian fusion Buffalo NY has to offer.

After studying the food trade and the art of Asian cuisine in Tokyo, Japan, Burmese businessman and Master Sushi Chef Kevin Lin came to America with his wife Stephanie. Though their journey originally landed them in Erie, PA, the pair soon realized how many Northeasterners were interested in Asian fusion cuisine. In 2010, they were able to establish themselves as the finest Asian fusion restaurant Buffalo NY had ever seen.

Through a variety of delicious Burmese and Thai dishes -- such as Kat Kyay Kite (Burmese flat wide noodles) and Gaeng Dang (green curry) -- Sun Cuisines has made a name for itself on the Asian fusion Buffalo NY scene. One of our signature items is our exclusive black rice: a rare and nutritious grain that is low in fat, rich in fiber, full of protein and antioxidants, and even contains essential vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re looking to feed your business partner or are throwing a feast for friends, Sun Cuisines offers an expansive Asian fusion catering menu -- complete with this “Forbidden Rice” that historically was reserved only for royalty.

When you dine at Sun Cuisines, you’ll truly be able to experience the rich (and tasty!) culture of Thailand and Burma -- all without having to leave the comfort of Buffalo NY.