• review rating 5  Fast, friendly, and the food was awesome! Just look at that salmon salad! And the black rice sushi was pretty good. I'd go back again.

    thumb Andrew Stachowicz

    review rating 5  Amazing restaurant very high quality food! I recommend the grand avocado roll or the vegetable steamed dumplings they're great! Everything I've ever tried from this place are 5 star plates. They definitely deserve more recognition. The best restaurant I've ever been to!

    thumb catchcrucify
  • review rating 5  Love this place best food ever, very clean and lovely inside. Staff are wondering.

    thumb Simone Watson

    review rating 5  it would probably be one at the top of my lungs about black rice mango sushi rolls and I would have Alex L. and Fox. E. as background dancers, hopefully with really fun and cool outfits and they would definitely snap their fingers. The black sushi rolls would definitely be the star of the show though there would be nice background dishes like Thai Curry & Rice, Miso Soup, and warm sake.

    thumb Arie Michell
  • review rating 5  It was truly a refreshing change of scenery since I live in the South. Even at 7pm, it would be still hot but here, the weather was cool and comfortable. You can see people playing on the grass or simply laying down and enjoying the park.So I traveled to New York almost 2 years ago with a good friend and of course seeing the Statue of Liberty was one of the stops. Going here was a very humbling feeling. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing her up close and in person. What a feeling!

    thumb Far Caesar

    review rating 5  Extensive menu. Black rice sushi and Burmese noodle dish were great!

    thumb Roy Praver