American Thai vs. Thailand Thai: What's the Difference?

Thai food has some of the most unique, colorful flavor combinations in the world. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind eating experience, Thai food will usually have you covered. But if you've had Thai food in Thailand and Thai food in America, you're bound to notice a few differences.

New to the world of Thai food? Here's what you need to know about the differences between American Thai and Thailand Thai.

American Thai food isn't as spicy.

Thai food follows the same basic flavor balancing act as most Chinese food. Five key flavors -- sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy -- must find balance within their dishes. That being said, it's clear that Thai food favors spicy flavors. In Thailand, there's hardly a dish without chili peppers in it. In America, on the other hand, spice is often dialed down a bit for American palates. Even if the best Thai food Buffalo NY has to offer boasts its spiciness, it's likely not as spicy as the food you'd find in Thailand itself.

Thai food in Thailand comes with less meat.

Portioning is a little bit different when it comes to American Thai food. Instead of large portions of veggies and rice, American Thai food often comes with bigger portions of meat. In Thailand, more fruits, vegetables, and rice are included in serving sizes instead of meat. So when you get your Thai food delivery later tonight, take notice!

There's no dried shrimp in American Thai food.

Dried shrimp is a key ingredient in Thailand cuisine. It provides a unique flavor to every dish it's featured in, as well as a nice dose of saltiness. However, most American Thai food will leave this ingredient off the menu. It's unclear whether it's a palate issue or if it's simply difficult to find in America. Either way, this is a key cooking difference.

Whether you're looking for the greatest Thai food Buffalo NY has to offer or you're just craving a plate of noodles, take note of some of these interesting culinary and cultural differences. It just may make you a more educated diner!