Burmese Entrees

Mango Chicken
Chicken, Mango, green Chili, garlic, onion, cashew nut, stir fry with our house sauce.

Chicken Curry (Kyit Thar Aloo Hin) GF (Popular)
Our slow roasted Burmese curry mixed with masala, chicken, potato, ginger, garlic,
tumeric, onion and chili.

Beef Curry (Amare Thar Hin) GF (Chef recommended)
Our slow roasted Burmese curry mixed with star anise, tender lean ribeye beef, ginger,
garlic, onion and chili.

Pumpkin Stew (Shwe Payon Thi Hin) V/GF Available
Veg/Chk/Pork/Fish Cake/Beef/Shrimp/Seafood Combo
Our Famous Burmese pumpkin curry with ginger, garlic, and chili, served in a green pumpkin.

Burmese Fried Rice (Thamin Jyaw) V/GF Available
Veg/Chk/Pork/Fish Cake/Beef/Shrimp/Seafood Combo
Burmese fried rice with vatana bean, garlic, onion, egg and home-style sauce

Stir-Fried Clear Bean Noodles (Kya Zan Jyaw) V/GF Available (Healthy Choice)
Veg/Chk/Pork/Fish Cake/Beef/Shrimp/Seafood Combo
Home-style stir-fried clear bean noodles with egg, variety of vegetables and special sauce.

Catfish Chowder (Mont Hin Gar) GF (Popular – High Fiber)
Burmese fish noodle soup with banana stem, vermicelli, Chana Dal Pea, ginger, onion,
lemongrass, and fried garlic.

Chicken Coconut Noodle Soup (Own No Koksware) (A Sun Favorite)
Burmese chicken egg noodle soup with coconut milk, turmeric, boiled egg, onion,
and crispy flat noodles.

Rice Noodles in Tomato Sauce (Shan Koksware) GF
Rice Noodles in spicy tomato sauce with chicken, pickled mustard greens, cilantro,
peanuts and star anise.

Rice Noodles W/Chicken Curry Sauce (Nan Gyi Thoat) GF (Chef Recommended)
Burmese rice noodles with a mild chicken curry sauce, eggs, chana dal pea, crispy flat noodle,
turmeric, onion, green onion, and cilantro.

Stir-Fried Egg Noodle (Koksware Jyaw)
Veg/Chk/Pork/ Fish Cake/Beef/Shrimp/Seafood Combo
Stir-fried egg noodle with carrot, cabbage, broccoli, onion, and our special thick soy sauce.

Burmese Flat Wide Noodle (Kat Kyay Kite) Spicy (Popular)
Veg/Chk/Pork / Fish Cake/Beef/Shrimp/Seafood Combo
Traditional Southern Burmese flat wide noodle with hot and sour sauce, scallion, garlic,
vatana bean, and bean sprout.

Stir-fried Mustard Greens
Veg/Chk/Pork/Beef/Shrimp/Roast Duck
Burmese stir-fried pickled mustard greens with garlic, onion and choice of meat.


Our Menu is 100% MSG Free • Available V = Vegan • GF = Gluten Free
**Please let us know how hot or mild you would like us to prepare for you**